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Boom Pirates Wonderways slot from Foxium

Boom Pirates Slot review

Foxium’s own pirate themed slot machine, Boom Pirates will pay up to 3,800x and it offers excellent graphics and features.

Boom Pirates is not going to give us a new story, it’s still the same pirate life and search for treasure that we’re finding out more about. Even so, Foxium made sure to turn this into an exciting release, and they did it through the slot’s very special layout. Before we get to the very unique Wonderways system that they’ve implemented here, let’s first take a look at the symbols which were used. They revolve around a pirate’s life, and so the icons you see will probably feel familiar. A female pirate, Mary, is in the big role, while the next ones on the list include Ben (one-eyed pirate with bomb), Parrot, Cannon, Barrel and five colorful Royals placed on wooden boards. The action takes place on a pirate island, with the game area occupying a big zone there, right next to a city.

The initial game area will occupy 5×4 reels, giving you 1024 Wonderways. It’s a slot with up to 9×6 reels that can be unlocked, giving you as many as 10,077,696 Wonderways, so the potential is as high as it gets. At most, the game can deliver prizes of up to 3,800x total bet ($190,000).

The regular bets will have a range between $0.20 and $50, using 100 coins in it. You also have the option to Foxify the wager, which increases the amount used by 50% and it also boosts the odds of triggering the bonus game.

Boom Pirates is a feature that will activate additional reels and rows of symbols, which is how you could potentially reach 10,077,695 ways to win. You get these extra positions only if they have winning symbols. It’s a random event.

Mary’s Swashbuckling Attack triggers during losing rounds and it will give you a 5-symbol win.

Scatters, the ones with the Yo and Ho logos, will show up on three reels (1, 3 and 5). Together, these will bring you 10 free spins. Once inside, retriggering the feature adds another 5 rounds. The game area can expand in this mode as well, and you could end up with up to 6×9 reels to play on. After reels and rows are activated, they remain that way for the rest of the feature.

Boom Pirates will pay quite well, it has unique features and good graphics, so it’s a game that’s definitely worth looking into.

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Boom Pirates Wonderways slot from Foxium

Boom Pirates

8.8 10

Boom Pirates gameplay video

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