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Space Invaders slot from Ash Gaming

Space Invaders Slot review

Space Invaders, in this particular case, is a slot machine, but its theme and design are inspired by an arcade game from 1978.

The 1978 Space Invaders proved quite popular, and it was an arcade game that marked the childhood of a lot of people. Ash Gaming’s decision to create a slot machine that is based on it makes sense, and the way they’ve gone about it insured the success of the game. The graphics are at least partially borrowed from the 8 bit style that was used back then, with some of the symbols showing aliens of different shapes and colors, just like in the game. Others are a bit more detailed, showing weapons, planets and monsters. At the bottom, you will have the laser cannon that you would shoot the aliens with.

On a setup that includes 5×3 reels, Space Invaders holds a total of 10 fixed lines. One can win up to $3,000 through the game’s combinations, but various features are used to improve them when possible. Among those, you will discover the UFO Wild, free re-spins, along with the Invaders Turn Wild feature and multipliers.

The betting options are at the bottom, with fixed lines and with the line bet being the only one that you can change. You can set it as low as $0.01 if you want to, but it’s also possible to take it up to $20. The full betting range is between $0.10 and $200.

Besides the 7 regular symbols that you can count on to form combinations, the game has a number of features which are inspired by the arcade. An example is the cannon that moves each round, below the reels. It will fire whenever it stops under the 2nd or 4th reels. The low win symbols on the reels that are fired upon will be turned into wilds, but only if this ends up getting you a win. A 2x multiplier is applied at that point by the wild. This feature is called Invaders Turn Wild.

UFO Wild is the other feature. This one comes around when you get the cannon at the bottom, aligned with the UFO which appears at the top of the reels. The UFO will be shot when that happens, which results in a free re-spin that has extra wilds.

Space Invaders has proven itself a decent successor for the original arcade game, and I’m sure the fans of the original will love playing it.

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Space Invaders slot from Ash Gaming

Space Invaders

7.8 10

Space Invaders gameplay video

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