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The WishMaster Megaways slot from NetEnt

The Wish Master™ Megaways™ Slot review

The Wish Master™ Megaways™, one of the latest offering from NetEnt, is a thrilling expedition into the mystical domains of genies and boundless treasures. With the integration of the Megaways™ mechanic and a host of magical features, this slot game stands poised to transport players straight into the heart of a fabled Arabian adventure.

Graphically, NetEnt has outdone itself; the game’s visual feast is set against the backdrop of an ornate cavern, aglow with the golden light of flickering lamps, creating an atmosphere that is both mysterious and inviting. The genie, a central figure in the narrative, is rendered with a level of detail that breathes life into the age-old tales of magic and wonder.

The game mechanics are robust, offering a high level of volatility that’s perfectly balanced with an RTP of 96.07%. With 6 reels and rows that vary between 2 to 7 symbols, players have the chance to win in up to 117,649 different ways, a testament to the game’s dynamic and innovative design.

Betting is accessible and versatile, with stakes ranging from 0.10 to 40.00 units of currency, accommodating a broad spectrum of players, from those who play cautiously to high rollers seeking that heart-racing wager.

NetEnt has ingeniously forgone the traditional free spins in favor of the Wish Master Feature Spins, where up to three out of four features are added to the player’s inventory, enhancing the game’s thrill. Each new feature triggers a reset of the spin counter to five, prolonging the magical experience. The features include everything from Extra Wilds that transform high-paying symbols to entire reels becoming wild, and multipliers that can amplify wins up to 6x.

Yet, it’s the synergy between Megaways™ and Avalanche™ mechanics that truly elevates “The Wish Master™ Megaways™”. The former changes the game with every spin, offering a diverse array of potential winning combinations, while the latter keeps the action continuous, with winning symbols disappearing to make room for new ones to cascade down.

As with all slots, there’s no magic spell to guarantee wins, but “The Wish Master™ Megaways™” is crafted in such a way that each spin is filled with potential and excitement. The Wilds are not just a tool to substitute other symbols; they come with the promise of high payouts when forming a win way by themselves.

In summary, “The Wish Master™ Megaways™” is a game that encapsulates the essence of an enchanting narrative with an immersive gameplay experience. It’s a shining example of NetEnt’s prowess in creating slot games that are not just fun to play but are also a visual spectacle. With a release year of 2023, this game is bound to resonate well with fans of the genre and newcomers alike, providing an experience that is as profitable as it is enchanting.

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The WishMaster Megaways slot from NetEnt

The Wish Master™ Megaways™

8.0 10



Reels & Rows:

6 x 2-7



Volatility level:


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