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Vintage Win slot from Bee-Fee

Vintage Win Slot review

Vintage Win is Beefee’s version of a classic slot machine, the twist being that it’s also a vintage title, design wise.

Vintage Win is not the most impressive slot machine that you will see if you check out the theme alone, but I loved what Beefee did with the design here. They chose to take the action back to the 50s, mostly through the outer graphics and the coloring of the symbols, and the end result is a retro style design that many will enjoy looking at. As symbols, the images are pretty much the ones that you’d expect, meaning that there are fruits present (apples, bananas, cherries, strawberries, oranges, watermelons, plums, lemons and grapes), along with the feature and higher paying symbols, which get other types of classics (golden star, golden bell and golden 7). The surrounding graphics are the ones that have the retro inspiration for the most part, being made to look almost like wallpaper.

In Vintage Win, the player is going to have 40 active lines to place his wagers on, with each round spinning 5 reels for him. Looking at the game’s features, the reels will host wild symbols, scatters and free spins. As for the top prize, that one comes via the scatter, and it has a top value of $25,000.

Betting starts from a minimum amount of $0.05 and it can go up to $50. At its highest, each line receives $1.25.

Two separate feature symbols were introduced in Vintage Win, one of them with a Wild logo, the other with a Bell as its image.

Naturally, the symbol sporting a Wild logo is not hard to guess what role it will have, and you will get plenty of chances to use it as a substitute. It doesn’t pay you anything directly, but when it comes to replacing regular symbols it will often be quite helpful.

Golden Bells are next among the slot’s features, and these are symbols that you know as scatters, when it comes to the things that they can accomplish. Their name signifies that they are capable of appearing anywhere in view, and at the same time they can deliver their features and payouts without being arranged on the same line. The rewards offered will reach $25,000, the biggest ones of the slot, plus they also give you 10 free spins.

Vintage Win looks better than most games that have this type of classic theme, and it gets a couple of decent features and big payouts as well.

Vintage Win slot from Bee-Fee

Vintage Win

7.3 10

Vintage Win gameplay video

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