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Wonky Wabbits slot from NetEnt

Wonky Wabbits Slot review

Wonky Wabbits’ action does revolve around a crazy looking rabbit, but even weirder than that, everything in the game is handsewn.

Net Ent tends to offer great games, even if the theme is a very common one. Common is not a word that I’d associate with Wonky Wabbits though, a slot machine where everything appears to be handmade, by someone that’s really into sewing. You have green fields, trees, various fruits and vegetables, along the poker cards which are themselves made from the same fabric. The game relies on a system with 15 paylines, being able to pay up to $7,500.

I’m not too sure about what’s going on exactly in this game, but there is no denying that the slot has a cute design, with a crazed looking rabbit among its symbols, and with all the other fruits and vegetables that all look like they were handsewn.

One of the things that is different about this slot is the fact that it pays starting both from the right and from the left of the screen, on adjacent reels, but also that it asks twice as much money from the player in exchange for that favor. The 15 lines need wagers of 30 to 300 coins, depending on the level of the bet. With the coin denominations reaching $0.50 at most, the wager will be worth $150.

A very cool feature which comes with the wild symbol, is its ability to duplicate itself to a secondary position on the reels, the one that gives you the highest possible win that round. You can get wild symbols on all the reels of this game, but only the 2nd and 4th ones can get them in double stacked form. With the duplication of the wilds applying, you can have as many as 14 wild symbols present at the same time on the reels, out of the 15 that are visible at all times. The payouts in such a case should be huge, with all 15 lines forming 5 symbol combinations.

As for the power of the wild, this symbol can act as a substitute for any other, with no exceptions in this game, since it’s the only one to have an extra ability.

If you want a game that is different, Wonky Wabbits would definitely be that kind of slot machine, with a theme that you will not find anywhere else.

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Wonky Wabbits slot from NetEnt

Wonky Wabbits

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