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The Flash slot from Playtech

The Flash Slot review

The Flash is going to take us in the DC Comics universe, where it can pay progressive jackpots and its own rewards of up to 2,000x the stake.

The Flash is a chance for fans of the DC Comics comic books to enjoy a slot machine which has one of its main superheroes in a major role. The slot machine is a branded release, so Playtech negotiated and acquired the rights to use the name and image of The Flash inside. The graphics are excellent, but that’s to be expected in a game which has a major stake for the developer. The slot machine that they’ve designed here revolves around Royals for the lower icons, but there are better ones to be found as well inside, including here the Flash logos (both the regular one and the Reverse Flash), or the icons with characters from the series. The comic book quality that you will find in many of its symbols is one extra point that I found in the slot’s favor, and will make it enjoyable for its fans.

5 reels are available and will feature a total of 50 paylines for you to play on. Expect to find wild symbols, free spins and the Battle feature, among the slot’s feature list. It should offer you enough in that one area, and once you add the rewards of 2,000x the stake or the progressive jackpots that can be delivered through it, I’m sure you will find it an appealing option.

You can spend just $0.50, and the game will spin its reels and give you as many as 50 winning combinations from just as many lines. You should go higher though, up to $500, if you want to get bigger rewards than you can expect at that level.

Wilds can be found on the last four reels, and they will take the form of The Flash symbol. Random wilds may also be added as you play, on the same reels.

Have Flash icons appearing on the reels, starting from the leftmost one in consecutive columns, and with up to five such symbols you can trigger a Battle. This will give you prizes of up to 100x the stake.

There are free spins as well to be had in this Battle, which has Flash and Reverse Flash fighting each other. The winner gets you a prize, if you’ve picked him as the favorite.

The Flash looks like a decent pick, for any player that likes the comic book genre, and the DC Comics universe in particular.

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The Flash slot from Playtech

The Flash

8.3 10

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